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Welcome to the Atlantic Advisory Group

Mr. Warren Hahn RFP, CEP is the founder of Atlantic Advisory Group( a fee for service estate, wealh preservation, and retirement plan group).  He is also an associate general agent of CLC Financial Services Group. He has 25 years experience  in fields of insurance, estate, and retirement planning. Prior to his present career he served 13 years in the US Army as an ordinance officer, attaining the rank of Major.

Unique Products

Mr. Hahn specializes in asset protection and estate transfer planning. His clients receive a personal plan that maximizes their wealth while reducing investment risk, taxes, and lawsuit exposure. He custom designs retirement plans which allow for lifetime incomes (meaning: you cannot out live your income).

He has developed a business transition plan that allows for the full value sale of the business with forgiveness of capital gain taxation. He uses estate planning techniques that provide asset transfer to the next generation without probate delays, while minimizing estate tax erosion.

Paying It Forward

In addition to professional designations and a successful career, Warren gives back to the community both with treasure and time.

He is a past board president of both the Fayetteville Area Habitant for Humanity and the Fayetteville Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.  Warren previously devoted his charitable efforts to the March of Dimes. At national level he served as a Charitable Planning Specialist (CPS). At state level he was the state board Annual Gifts Committee Chairperson, and locally he chaired the  Cape Fear Division Board.  He is currently on the board of the directors of the Cape Fear Kiwanis Club.

Multi-Dimensional Presenter

Mr. Hahn is an active public speaker on financial topics, and writes numerous financial editors for publications such as, PrimeLife Magazine, Sandhills Business Times, and City View Magazine. Warren has been featured on PAX Television’s “For the Record”. an hour long interview show on retirement planning that is nationally syndicated.

Top Five Reasons

Here are the top five reasons to consider Warren Hahn as your advisor:

5.  Documentation designed to pass your wealth to multiple generations while minimizing probate
     delays and exposure.

4.  Lifetime tax efficient income streams designed to maximize retirement  purchasing power 
     and enjoyment.

3.  Predetermined exit strategies are in place to transition into retirement in the most cost effective

2.  As your wealth grows it is shielded as much as possible from the eroding factors of taxes, illness,
     inflation, creditors and lawsuits.

1.  All plans are designed to financially protect your "blind side" against devastating events of life be
     they market driven, domestic or health related.  Anyone can navigate a course when the waters
     are calm and the winds are from the back.  Mr. Hahn has the special skills needed to avoid the
     unforseen and unpredicted hazards which always cause the greatest problems.

Warren Hahn works and resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He has two adult daughters and
on ......one grandson.

Call him today at (910) 323-5700 or email him at whahn@ncrrbiz.com

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