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Bakery in Fayetteville NC | Specialty Cakes

I remember the first time I heard of Burnery's. I was standing with a few members of our network group on the second floor of Select Bank on Raeford Road, in their well appointed conference room, having a cup of coffee while waiting for the remaining members to arrive. 

We were all kind of standing and talking by the windows overlooking Raeford Road and the parking lot, when one of our members, Jessica Seagroves, former President of the Hope Mills Chamber of Commerce remarked, "Oh I love her!"  I looked down into the parking lot and one of our members, Natalie Young, was walking toward the building. 

I chuckled and said, "Everybody loves Natalie." Jessica said, "Yes but don't you see what she is carrying?"  I looked closer and said, "Yeah a pink box." Jessica said. Just wait.

The pink box turned out to be the signature brand from Burney's and it contained the most delicious, light, plain glazed and creme filled mini croissants that I had ever tasted.  One with a cup of coffee was just right, although two would have been better. 

Having visited the store on several occasion since then, I have found everything they serve there to be fresh and tasty with no sweet aftertaste. Just very clean tasting and enjoyable. And thats not all. The saff is very helpful and attentive and appreciates your business. You cannot go wrong with Burneys. 

DIRECTIONS: Use your phone GPS, but be aware:
The address says Raeford Road, but it is in the little shopping center fronted by Salon Centric and down that little side road  beside it next to Southern Coals Barbeque Restaurant and bar.





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