Fayetteville's Bakery Cake and Coffee Shop
Bakery in Fayetteville NC | Specialty birthday cakes | Call Ana at 910-920-3192

Remember the last time you had a tea party?  If you can't remember or if you've never had one, wouldn't you think maybe, just maybe its about time? 


Anna and Oscar say ' come on by'. Every visit is a special occasion.

Call 910-920-3192 and they most likely will have dough, frosting or
flour on their hands, so they'll have to get right back with you.

And they will.

Specialty Birthday Cakes:

How about a Princess Birthday Cake?

Or maybe a 'It Ain't Easy Bein' 60' Birthday Cake?

Imagination, creativity, ideas come to life.

Make it a little something special for yourself and
those close to you.  You're worth it.


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