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Mobile Dry Clean and Laundry Service Fayetteville NC
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Always In a Time Crunch?

Valet mobile dry cleaning and laundry service picks up and delivers your civilian and military clothes, individual and commercial. They have great attention to detail and they follow through with their customer service.

Valet Dry Cleaning History

Valet Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service was established in 2009 by Army Veteran Harold Trapier. Valet was developed to provide quality dry cleaning and laundry with qualit customer service, while providing  free pick-up and delivery in Cumberland County, NC.

Their store front location is being negotiated as we write this, but they are ready to come and get your civilian clothes, military dress clothes, alterations, comforters, blankets and more. They will  take them to their cleaning and alteration facility and bring them back to you. Just call them and they will be there.   They served in the military and they continue to serve.


Valet will pick up your dry cleaning and items to be altered from your home or business. Your clothes are taken to their dry cleaning facility where your clothing will be cleaned by a certified dry cleaning specialist or altered by their seamstress, who has logged twenty plus years of experience.

Dry Cleaning Environmentally Friendly

Valet also uses green solvent when servicing our customers clothing. "When Quality Matters" Valet Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service is ready to serve. Valet is a Member of both the Association for Linen management and the Laundry Association.

FBC is proud to have Harold and his wife Ty and Valet Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service as one of our members.

They are very conscientious about their work. They educate and inform their customers and they have great customer servicee.  When Harold was in the military he was one 'squared away soldier' meaning he was prepared, had everything laid out and was ready to rock. He runs his business the same way.

Valet is a member of the Association for Linen Management and the Laundry Association.  Harold like to keep up with latest technology and techniques to serve you better. Valet takes their work seriously, themselves not as much. We see them training at the gym and they will have a good time and we think that helps them provide a great service businesss. Call them today at 910-778-7589!

Valet is a member of both the Fayetteville Business Connection and the Business Builders Network. As such they were mentioned recently in a press release because of the help they give to local charitable associations. As Harold says, "Remember to give back a little to the community. It comes back to you in many ways."

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