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Redpoint Gym: 868-ROCK(7625)
3 Areas Of Fun, Competition and Training Under One Roof


Indoor Rock Climbing 

Welcome to RedPoint, Fayetteville’s premier indoor
climbing gym!  Our facility offers 8000 square feet
of climbing walls featuring both lead and top rope
climbing with over 30 stations, as well as one of
the largest top-out boulder walls in North Carolina!
With training courses and programs for climbers
of all ages and abilities, you can bring the whole

visit our main site: www.climbredpoint.com

Commonly Asked Questions About RedPoint
Indoor Climbing

I am new to Rock Climbing. Will someone be
available to teach me how and what to do when
I come?

RedPoint provides belay classes and climbing
clinics throughout the week. 

If you cannot attend a scheduled class, you can
pre-schedule a private lesson.

CrossFit at RedPoint

Who can do CrossFit?

Everyone! CrossFit is designed for universal scalability,
meaning all routines are scalable to any degree of
fitness level an individual has. CrossFit is the primary
strength and conditioning program for many of the
elite professionals (such as police academies,
military special operations units, and professional
athletes), as well as the key conditioning program
used by housewives, businessmen, grandparents
and a wide variety of individuals ranging in fitness
level and ability.

What does a typical workout look like at RedPoint
and how long should I plan to be in the gym?

Each of our W.O.D.s (Workout of the Day) typically
follow this format:

- Specifically created to prepare your body for the
workout. Warm-ups differ each day depending on the

- Please come 10 - 15 minutes before the WOD you
would like to do to give yourself enough time to warm
up. Therefore, if you would like to do the 630 pm WOD,
make sure youget here around 6:15!

The W.O.D.
- A typical W.O.D. averages 20 minutes long. Each
workout varies on a daily basis. You can find out what
the W.O.D. is that day on our website under CrossFit.
Visit www.climbredpoint.com      We do not always
follow what is on the CrossFit website. Our trainers
will occasionally choose a different regimen to use. 

Call us at 868-ROCK(7625) for more information.


Mixed Martial Arts Classes

Come experience our 2000 square foot MMA
training facility. Our instructors have over 80
years of combined experience in their
respected fields.

visit us at our main website: www.climbredpoint.com 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Ages 18+
Sam Vanderslice

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a combat sport, martial
art, and self-defense system that emphasizes
grappling and specifically ground fighting.

This art promotes the principle that a
smaller, weaker person can successfully
defend themselves against a bigger, stronger
assailant using leverage and proper technique.

 Muay Thai - Ages 18+
Sam Vanderslice

Muay Thai is referred to as “The Art of Eight
Limbs” as the hands, shins, elbows, and
knees are all used extensively in various
techniques and for defense against attacks 
in this class.

MMA - Ages 18+
Sam Vanderslice

This is a combination of stand up and
ground technique derived from Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu. Here is your chance to practice
everything you have learned!

Budokon - 16 +
In this class, you will learn the
explosiveness of karate, the agility of Jiu
Jitsu, and the playfulness of Capoeta.

Modern Army Combatives
Level 1 & 2

Learn unarmed self defense techniques
to build combative ability.

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