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Car Repair Fayetteville NC (910) 864-3115
AAA Auto Repair | Red Tip Road


AAA Car Care Center at 5321 Red Tip Road,
Fayetteville NC 2834. Visit or call at (910) 864-3115

  • Brakes were squeaking. Thought I needed new ones.
  • Tech who looked at my car back then, (manager now) said "you don't need brakes."
  • He said "you just need a little squeak stopper."
  • Almost nothing better than an honest mechanic is there?
  • How many shops would have suggested front/rear brakes and turn rotors?
  • That was 25 years ago.
  • They have gotten better.
  • They take pics of everything and show you what you need.  
  • Trust is a great thing.


**Brakes, batteries, tires, fluid flush, oil gasket,
oil change and more. from the crew at AAA Car Care Center.


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