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Car Repair Fayetteville NC (910) 867-3127

 The best place for car repair in Fayetteville NC is Mr Tire at 517 N. McPherson Church Road. Visit or call at (910) 867-3127.

The first time I used this company 20 years ago, I thought since my brakes were squeaking, that they needed replacing.  You know, many brake repair shops  would have jumped at the chance to replace the front and back brakes and of course, turn the rotors.

But the owner at the time, Ron Willis, told me I didn't need brakes since I had a few thousand miles left on the front and rear!  The squeak was probably lack of lubricant.  Is there anything more refreshing than a tire and repair shop that actually only repairs things that need repairing?  Since that time I've gotten all my brakes, batteries, tires and more from the crew at Pro Tire.

**Pro Tire has now been absorbed by a giant company which has changed the name to Mr. Tire.  Same convenient location on McPherson Church Road, same great manager and crew and same great service, now with the resources of a huge national company.**

I highly recommend them.  Call them at 867-3127.


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