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When Carl Yastrzemski was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame,  Bill "Kandyman" Penny, a renowned airbrush artist, was given an exclusive contract to design a commemorative poster.

"Kandyman" was selected because his paintings have been featured in movies such as 'Smokey and the Bandit' and 'Urban Cowboy'. Notable subjects of his art include Country and Western stars such as George Jones, Johnny Paycheck and Juice Newtown. 

His work can also be seen on Bob Segers' album cover 'Against The Wind'.  Airbrush artists usually have a specialty and in "Kandyman's" case, as he proudly points out,  “it's people's faces“.

The original Hall of Fame portrait of Yaz was kept by "Kandyman" and a copy placed in the hall.  It immediately became a genuine hit.

Carl Yastrzemski, among other accomplishments too varied to list here, was selected to the Allstar Team 15 times.  He won the Golden Glove Award 7 times. He is the ONLY American Leaguer to get 3,000 hits and 400 plus home runs.

That being said, Yaz is a humble man and was shy about having portraits done.  This portrait is one of only three that were originally painted of Yaz outside of the purview of the Hall of Fame.

It is an oil painting, ONE OF A KIND, ORIGINAL, and VERY RARE.  A real  baseball connoisseur will find it to be a great prize.

It has been AUTHENTICATED by the artist, Bill "Kandyman" Penny and AUTOGRAPHED by Carl Yastrzemski himself at the lower left and by the artist just above the name 'YAZ'.
It's dimensions are 4ft high by 2ft wide with the autograph on the lower left side as you look at the painting.

It captures an icon in baseball history, from an era never to be repeated, but always to be treasured. 

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