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Medical Massage Fayetteville NC
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Do you suffer from 'frozen shoulder' or pain in your back or joints? Headaches from tension or imbalance? Headaches from tmj or simple stress? Brenda Howell not only has the massage, but the 'homework' you can do to relieve, lessen and prevent pain from recurring as often as it does.

Healing Hands Body Therapy of Fayetteville NC is a medical massage practice owned and operated by Brenda Howell.  Brenda is licensed with the state of NC LMBT #14566 and is in certification for medical massage and expecting to be certified in early November of 2015.

The concentration on joints and helping you to heal does not restrict Brenda from a range of therapy.  Each massage is customized to your needs and requests.  To accomplish your goals a variety of techniques are used. These range from posture assessment, ROM testing, Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, PNF stretching as well as aromatherapy to ease and assist your body's natural healing.

Brenda and her therapists will work on the areas that are causing the pain, instead of just "treating the symptoms." The goal at Healing Hands Body Therapy is to bring you physical healing so that you may live a fuller life.

Clean, quiet, comfortable and efficient surroundings makes for a great atmosphere. Therapeutic massage is best performed where there is room to assess, test and provide application of the latest techniques available for pain relief, stress relief and increased mobility and circulation. To view the booking calendar for a convenient time to schedule a session, please visit the Healing Hands Body Therapy website by clicking here: medical massage therapy

Look for the 'Book Now' button.

The Fayetteville Business Connection has experienced the results of this knowledgeable and physicall proficient team of therapists. Pain and stress relief followed an educational conversation about where and what hurt. It's because of the information and connection of Healing Hands Body Therapy that we feel they are a great addtiton to the FBC family and you will see our seal displayed on their website soon.

The things that set this pracitce apart are not only the therapeutic and medical massage techniques as well as clinical aromatherapy, but the philosophy and attention to their craft that Brenda and her therapists bring to the (massage) table.

Their mission is to reduce the pain points for all their patients and clients.  As therapists, they are all constantly studying and learning how to better inform and educate their clients for pain free living and better health. They are interested and passionate about helping people become pain free. They work together as some are better at working on shoulders, some better at headache, some better at different modalities and they share techniques as well as research.

Brenda also makes her own soaps, all natural pain relief creams and aroma therapy scents.

Another thing that will set this business apart from any spa is that if you pay for 60 minutes, you will receive 60 minutes of hands on time! Arrive a few minutes early and expect to not get off the table till your full hour is up.

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