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Business Networking In Fayetteville NC
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Fayetteville NC

BBN was formed by a group of small business owners to help each other critique and
improve their businesses and by extension, their profitability.  It is a mastermind group
that meets once per week to share knowledge and experience, and promote and
support each other during these tough economic times.

BBN uses a blend of high-tech and high-touch to get it's message out to the consumer.
The theory is, if we can help each other make our businesses better now when times are 
lean, we will reap the harvest when the cycle swings the other way.

If you are a small business owner, you may sit in on our briefing as a guest by calling 
Matheson Marketing and Consulting at (910) 484-7946 and ask for Ann. 

Be prepared, we have a procedure that you might not
find at many other clubs, we start and end our meetings with a prayer, and from time to time, |
you'll hear us reciting the pledge of allegiance.  If you are offended by any of that, it might not
be your kind of group......otherwise, we'd love to have you visit.

Also, we have a 'one chair per industry' rule, meaning only one Italian restaurant, printer,
tire shop,web designer, etc.  so check the list below and if you don't see your industry

represented, call us at 910-484-746 and ask for Ann. 

If you are a consumer or a business owner, you will want to look through our list of businesses
for high-quality goods and services you can depend on. 

Below you will find a subset of the best marketing group in Fayetteville.  And I don't just
say that because I'm a member. (wink).

All members follow a 'best pratices' guideline.

You might ask, what are best practices?  The short list is as follows:

Reasonable Prices
Quality Products and Services
Honesty and Integrity in Business Dealings
Military Discounts(and pure appreciation)
Good Customer Service(try finding that these days, lol)



Matheson Consulting/Faybest.com
(Making companies more findable on the Internet)

Offline/Online Marketing, Web Design, Consultations,
Implementation, Co-op Business Site
Email promotions, Video Marketing
President & CEO: Don Matheson
Serving Fayetteville Since 1980 
Phone: 910-484-7946 Ask for Ann
Website: www.faybest.com

Nutritional Cleansing. Global company using all
natural, effective health care products. Call Jen.
910-229-9558. www.bodycleansefayettevillenc.ws

Indoor Rock Climbing, Crossfit Functional Fitness
Mixed Martial Arts, all under one roof. Call now.
910-868-ROCK(7625) Vist www.climbredpoint.com

Legal And Identity Theft Protection Access to
attorneys 24/7 at monthly rate. Visit the website:
www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/ddrussell 910-964-8878

Windshield Repair & Headlight Restoration. Insurance
cash, flexible hours, quality work. Call Eric today at
(910) 751-2016 visit website at www.useprotouch.com

Job Training/Placement for thosw with Disabilities.
Call Nancy today if you are a business willing to put people
to work, or if you are someone who wants the training
to apply for work.  (910) 630-2255.  Visit their main
site:  http://www.kaleosupports.com

Insurance for auto, car, home, motorcycles and more.
Craig and Heather are the local owners of Carolina
Planning Insurance. Call for quotes: (910) 425-0097.
Visit the website: http://www.autoinsurancefayettevillenc.com

Website Design, Building and Branding. Chris will help
you with all things website related. Call him today at (919)
600-1995. See his portfolio at his website:

Cosmetic Associate.   We have a Mary Kay Director as our
Vice President.  When you need help with the latest and most
effective beauty and health techniques, send Karen an email
to:  themainlink@earthlink.net

Self-Storage: Cathe, Daphne, Tanya, whomever you reach at
SecurCare can help you with all your storage needs.  Just
call to find out the nearsest location.   (910) 556-9697

Gastroenterology: If you need G.I. services including colonoscopies
and endoscopies, you need to visit CFCDD Gastroenterology at
www.cfcdd.com and call them at (910) 323-2477
. They are a well-
run practice that educates and listens to your requests.


Optometrist: For traditional and modern 21st century services,
call the Optometrists at Eye Medics & Ortho K Center at :
(910) 426-3937.  Visit both websites at http://www.kvisioninfo.com
or  http://www.eyemedicsonline.com

Spinner's Pizza and Subs: Great buffet here with thin crust pizza
nice salad bar, (specialtiy pizza requests honored on buffer), and
great service. Or call for take-out: (910) 484-6336.

Optician: FAshion and designer eyewear from a style master
and eye care professional.  Call Marucs at (910) 339-2301 for
more information.  Or visit:  http://www.seekeyecare.com

Work with at-risk children.
Financial Advisor





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